Antitrust & Trade Regulation Litigation Attorney in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Is your business facing allegations of antitrust and trade regulation violations? I've handled an immense amount of trade regulation cases in many different areas. From price discrimination to fraudulent or deceptive practices to false or misleading advertisements and beyond, I'm a trusted and respected litigator ready to take your case on.

The Federal Trade Commission Act, as well as various provisions of state law, prohibit certain unfair trade practices, including:

  • Price discrimination
  • Fraudulent or deceptive practices
  • False or misleading advertisements
  • False assertions of sponsorships or affiliations
  • Trademark, copyright or other intellectual property infringement
  • Coercive sales or collection tactics
  • Breach of warranties
  • Illegal business schemes

I'm intimately familiar with the body of state and federal antitrust laws, including the Sherman Antitrust Act and relevant case law, and I've represented large national corporations such as Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. in defending against antitrust claims. In addition, I've served in advisory roles in high-stakes antitrust cases and acted as co-counsel and local counsel for other law firms.


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During this difficult time, you might be wondering how your case may affect your business in the long-term, and it's of utmost importance to make sure you have an effective, experienced antitrust and trade regulation litigator on your defense. 


When antitrust and trade violations occur, the affected parties may bring civil claims to halt the unfair practices and obtain other effective remedies. Since this type of case involves highly technical areas of law, it's vital to diligently and thoroughly assess your case, review your case's pleadings, discover relevant facts and information, conduct interviews, and then form an effective deposition that is favorable to the goals your business has for this case.

While litigation may be the only option, I first work to strategically settle your case before trial with either arbitration or mediation. In the case that arbitration or mediation is not possible, I will represent you during trial. When it's time to go to the courtroom, I will give you 100% confidence that I will achieve the best outcome for your case through aggressive litigation.

My goal, either in trial or through mediation or arbitration, is to negotiate a strategic settlement that will be accepted by both parties. The settlement details include agreements, releases, and other documents. If the case goes to trial and the outcome isn't favorable by both parties, I will represent you in the appellate court, and form post-trial motions, appellate strategies, and more. 


Unlike large firms, I'll provide you with one-on-one attention every step of the way. I'll be your sole point of contact, and you'll receive the benefits of the knowledge I've received working at a large firm on past high-pressure and high-stakes cases. 

With my experience working with large local and national clients in high-dollar antitrust and trade regulation disputes, it’s easy to see that I’m the right choice to represent your business. Your business may or may not be as large as Wal-Mart or Safeway, but I treat every case with utmost attention and diligence to produce the best outcome possible.

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My law office is in the heart of downtown Tulsa, OK in the penthouse of the First National Bank Building on the corner of 5th Street and Boston Avenue. I represent business clients throughout Oklahoma, Western Arkansas and the midwest. I also serve as local counsel and co-counsel for other law firms and routinely accept litigation referrals. To contact me and arrange an initial consultation for your business dispute, please visit my contact page.