Civil Litigation and Appeals Attorney in Tulsa, Oklahoma

If your business has received a threatening letter from a lawyer or has been served with a civil lawsuit, it can be a very scary time for your business. From not knowing what the future holds for your company to being unsure of how to proceed with your case, it's important to get a highly experienced civil litigator on your side, especially in high-stake, high-dollar cases. 

I'm highly experienced in handling complex civil lawsuits on behalf of both individuals and businesses, and I use my carefully honed legal skills and extensive experience to fight for your business from the initial consultation to the strategic settlement. Whether your business is involved in a civil dispute in the area of medical malpractice, real estate, education law, workers’ compensation, personal liability, or something different, you need a respected, knowledgeable and experienced civil litigator on your side.


Civil lawsuits are complex, but I will give you personalized, one-on-one attention to make sure to achieve the best results possible for your case. When I first meet with you during our consultation, I aim to understand what your challenges are, how your legal matter impacts other aspects of life and business, and finally what your main goal is. As we move forward, I'll carefully review, investigate, and assess the risk exposure and opportunities relevant your case. I'll review pleadings, relevant documents, conduct interviews, and more. During this time and throughout your entire case, it is of utmost importance to keep all of your information highly secure. Once I've thoroughly analyzed and assessed the evidence and your point of view, I'll create strategies and approaches for each step from discovery, depositions, negotiations and ultimately, as needed, trial.


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While litigation is necessary in many cases, I will review other options like mediation and arbitration before going to trial. Litigation can be costly, in both time and expenses. If neither mediation nor arbitration is an option, I'll begin preparing your aggressive defense for court and strategizing for a settlement that will be accepted by both parties.

In most civil litigation cases, we can come to a settlement before it reaches trial. However, no matter the route we have to take, our destination is negotiating a strategic settlement, involving agreements, releases, and supporting documents. In the case that the settlement is not accepted by both parties, I will advise and direct you through the civil litigation appeals process, including post-trial motions, appellate strategies, and effectively representing you in the appellate court.

Keeping you informed

During the various stages of your civil litigation case, I’ll be your guide and sole point of contact, directing you every step of the way and keeping you informed of the situation so you can make educated decisions. 

Your civil dispute is in good hands. I will work to resolve your case as quickly as possible in the most cost-effective, peaceful and efficient way; I’m behind you every step of the process. With my experience working with large local and national clients in high-stakes, high-dollar civil disputes, it’s easy to see that I’m the right choice to represent your business.

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My law office is in the heart of downtown Tulsa, OK in the penthouse of the First National Bank Building on the corner of 5th Street and Boston Avenue. I represent business clients throughout Oklahoma, Western Arkansas and the midwest. I also serve as local counsel and co-counsel for other law firms and routinely accept litigation referrals. To contact me and arrange an initial consultation for your business dispute, please visit my contact page