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Whether you’re an individual or a large local or national company and have a case worth seven- or eight-figures, I’ll use my deep knowledge and experience to solve your case in the best way possible. Since 1976, I’ve proudly served clients in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the Midwest. I’m admitted to practice locally, as well as in several Federal District Courts and Courts of Appeals. Allow me to help you or your business through complex legal situations.

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My Practice Areas

Smart solutions for business cases of all shapes and sizes

Civil Litigation and Appeals

Navigating complex legal proceedings in high-stakes civil litigations and appeals cases demands extensive experience and carefully honed legal skills.

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Contract Disputes & Litigation

I represent clients in contract disputes and litigation having a broad range of topics and issues.

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Securities Litigation

With particular experience in fraud claims under the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, I handle a broad range of securities disputes.

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Class Action Lawsuits

I have successfully filed and defended class action lawsuits, in both state and federal courts. They come with many complexities that warrant substantial experience that I possess.

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Antitrust & Trade Regulation Litigation

Antitrust laws are intended to preserve free markets and fair competition. I have represented Wal-Mart and other clients successfully in this challenging area of the law.

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High-stakes cases in arbitration can resolve commercial claims, securities violations, and other disputes. I have acted successfully on both sides as well as a panel chairman.

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Business & Commercial Law

I have drafted contracts and given advice on business transactions in excess of $20 million. I can assist in high-stake and multimillion-dollar claims.

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Contingency Cases

Certain lawsuits qualify for representation on a contingency basis rather than an hourly or other attorney fee. I am willing to evaluate your eligibility for this without charge, but yours should be a civil case that does not arise from divorce or a custody dispute, and in which a recovery is possible.

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Knowledge, History, Success

Wise & Honest Counsel

This was a very difficult situation for us for a variety of reasons. We sincerely appreciate your wisdom and honesty throughout this process.

Clifford G.

Passionate Representation

I was pleased with your representation, could see the passion you have put into these cases, and I wanted to express gratitude for that.

Lew M.


Litigation is not always the best way to solve a business matter. Arbitration and mediation can be better, alternative routes. With each case, my goal is to find the right approach. Creating strategic settlements and coming to an agreement before going to court can be the best option for both parties.

Despite having a reputation as an accomplished litigator, I’ve represented many clients who didn’t have to go to court as a result of coming to an agreement. It takes away a world of expenses, time and energy. Let me review your case and see how I can solve it in the most efficient way possible.

Each business and each situation is unique

Proper representation starts with understanding. Let's discuss your matter.

Attorney Referrals and Co-Counsel Support


I take pride in maintaining great relationships with fellow lawyers in Tulsa and the Midwest. Know that your clients are taken care of and receive effective representation.

I maintain positive and constructive relationships with various firms in Oklahoma and across the country. These firms routinely entrust their clients, their client's matters and their reputation to me. 

It is my pleasure to accept litigation referrals from clients, attorneys, and other professionals. I handle entire litigation matters or lend my knowledge as co-counsel, working with and guiding legal teams.

If a friend, colleague or business you know is facing a painful legal challenge, know that you can confidently refer them to me.

Contact Information


A veteran attorney devoted your matter

I’ve worked in large firms and have seen how a fragmented team-based approach can get disorganized, inconsistent, and expensive. I often face such teams, where a group of junior attorneys and paralegals need guidance, direction, and approval from a senior attorney with multiple cases while pressured to continuously bill hours.

Compare that to having a veteran attorney give your matter his full attention and provide high-caliber representation that is consistent across various subject matters.

I’ll be your sole point of contact so you can be confident you can reach me when you have questions or when issues arise. You'll find in me an attorney who takes the time to understand not only your legal situation but also your business and industry. As we proceed, I’ll keep you informed and educated on the situation and our options, so you can make confident, informed decisions.

An attorney you can get ahold of shouldn't be a novel concept.

Significant Matters

Tubular Corporation v. Tyler-Dawson Supply

Tubular Corporation of America, Inc. v. Tyler-Dawson Supply Company. Case No. C-83-570, in the District Court of Tulsa County, State of Oklahoma. Represented Plaintiff, Tubular Corporation of America on breach of contract; fraudulent conveyance; alter ego.

$23 Million Jury Verdict

Roberson v. Fleet Bank

CJ-94-3054, in the District Court of Tulsa County, State of Oklahoma. Representing Plaintiffs (Series B Bondholders) for breach of Trust Indenture; breach of fiduciary duty.

$8.5 Million Settlement

Farley v. Henson

Case No. 89-20572 in the United States District Court for the Western District of Arkansas Fort Smith Division. Represented Plaintiffs, Farley and Mendenhall for the State and federal securities fraud, and RICO.

Appellate case: Farley v. Henson, 2 F.3d 273 (8th Cir. 1993)

$3.5 Million Jury Verdict