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Contracts play a vital role in commerce, ensuring efficient business operations and establishing legally binding agreements between parties. However, due in part to their important function in the economy, contracts often give rise to disputes. Complex and protracted litigation can result from disputes over parties’ contractual rights and obligations, requiring the help of an experienced contract litigator on your side.

I've represented both individuals and businesses in resolving contract disputes in a wide range of areas, including:

  • Business contracts
  • Business sales contracts
  • Employment-related contracts
  • Commissions contracts
  • Non-compete clauses

I've successfully practiced contract law in a broad range of industries, and past clients include Vesta Energy Company, Williams Companies and Tubular Corporation of America. Many of my landmark contract litigation cases involved multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements. My dedication is reflected in my track record of outstanding victories in numerous cases.

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At the outset, I diligently review the contract in question. I aim to understand and investigate the details with respect to the goals for both parties. This initial assessment sets the overarching approach. I'll review supporting documents, discover relevant facts and information, conduct interviews, and more.

It may seem that litigation is the clear approach for either party to defend themselves or to seek damages due to a breach of contract. Litigation may be the only option in some situations; however, I make attempts to prevent a trial, which would be costly to both parties. This involves engaging the opposing counsel to find options and avenues that work for both sides. However, if we cannot come to a resolution through mediation or arbitration, it will be time to prepare for court.

Contract disputes and litigation can be solved before going to trial in many cases, but either way, I'll negotiate a strategic settlement, agreements, releases and other documents that aim to be accepted by both parties. If for some reason your case does go to trial and is appealed, I will represent you in appellate court with motions, strategies, and more. No matter the path, you'll be the recipient of effective, efficient and results-oriented service.


My goal with every case is to deliver the efficient, cost-effective service of a small firm with the same high-caliber resources and knowledge available at a large firm. No matter the state of your contract dispute or litigation, I’ll be your guide and sole point of contact every step of the way. I use my decades of legal experience and distinguished professional background to provide superior service to all of my clients. 

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Oklahoma Corporate Contract Dispute Attorney

My law office is in the heart of downtown Tulsa, OK in the penthouse of the First National Bank Building on the corner of 5th Street and Boston Avenue. I represent business clients throughout Oklahoma, Western Arkansas and the midwest. I also serve as local counsel and co-counsel for other law firms and routinely accept litigation referrals. To contact me and arrange an initial consultation for your business dispute, please visit my contact page